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We are creators of thoughtful dialogue and mindful content. We believe in the power of slow, deliberate actions and open conversations. We stand for organic growth through powerful story-telling and memorable visual experiences.


We spoke with Kanika Jain, the founder and creative head of our label Kanelle, about her journey in the sustainable fashion space, the philosophy behind her work, and the brand’s one-of-a-kind upcycled collection ‘Scrap to Rack’.

The making of timeless fashion

We had an inspiring conversation with our designer Khyati Pande, founder of Itr by Khyati Pande, about her journey of building a sustainable brand and the creative process of making timeless apparel, and the challenges faced in the process.

Why waste is the way forward

We spoke with Akshit Bangar, the creative mind behind the label Urban Darzi on the brand’s journey so far, the philosophy behind their products, and the pertinent need to create with waste.


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