Conscious Business Practices


We spoke with Kanika Jain, the founder and creative head of our label Kanelle, about her journey in the sustainable fashion space, the philosophy behind her work, and the brand’s one-of-a-kind upcycled collection ‘Scrap to Rack’.

The making of timeless fashion

We had an inspiring conversation with our designer Khyati Pande, founder of Itr by Khyati Pande, about her journey of building a sustainable brand and the creative process of making timeless apparel, and the challenges faced in the process.

Why waste is the way forward

We spoke with Akshit Bangar, the creative mind behind the label Urban Darzi on the brand’s journey so far, the philosophy behind their products, and the pertinent need to create with waste.

How ‘Fast’ Can We ‘Slow’ Down?

Our designer Neha Kabra from our sustainable brand Maati by Neha Kabra speaks about the contradictions the trailblazers of the ‘slow’ industry are met with in the face of the insatiable demands of fast production and consumption.

For the Love of Fabrics

We spoke with Aarushi Kilawat of The Loom Art about her deep connections to fabrics, what a revolution means for her, and how she believes we can cooperate in the face of competition.

With Nivi Murthy

Working with our Founder, Nivi Murthy, we at IKKIVI, spend a lot of time together on different themes, ideas and intentions. In the everyday hubbub of our projects, we’d been missing out on some conversations we’ve wanted to have with her for a while - conversations around the heart of her inspirations, experiences over the last couple of years, and the processes she sees entrepreneurs and ethical businesses need to be a part of. We got to meet with her this month and have a heartwarming dialogue about all this and more, and even learn about what she has planned for our newest vertical - ‘The IKKIVI Podcast’.

With Mianzi

Questioning deleterious models of production and translating experimental materials into novel wares, the home furnishing brand Mianzi is heralding new ways of understanding design and products, and our relationships to them. At IKKIVI, we had a conversation with its co-founders, Shashank Gautaum and Ananta Varshney, on their journey into the venture, and the conceptual, material and social features that underlie their (sustainable) design initiative.

with Small Businesses after Covid-19 

Having impacted all businesses and commercial undertakings profoundly, the economic deceleration – and in many instances, closure – that has extended with the onset of nationwide lockdowns has had an especially exaggerated effect on small businesses. At IKKIVI Zine, we spoke with a few small business owners from India on the state of commerce, their individual experiences and the business reorganisations apprehended by them.