Changing the Ways in Which we Work

We spoke with Em and Shi's founder Mansi Bhatia about making change just as potent at the micro level as at the macro amongst other things.

Creating Honest Change Through our Individual Paths

We, at IKKIVI Zine, spoke with co-founders of our brand AHMEV about what revolutionizing the fashion system looks like, issues that small ‘sustainable’ brands face, why standing our ground and following our hearts matters, why they work the way they do, and the many things they are exploring.


From innovating with new materials to working through old goods and waste, sustainability and sustainable development objectives are transforming business practices across different industries. But prerequisite to each advancement in this sector are many untold challenges which underpin their inception and engineering. To understand the challenges that can encompass the establishment and operations of sustainable businesses, we had a conversation with Kriti Tula, Creative Director and Co-Owner of the ethical fashion label Doodlage.