We work with clients who follow a similar ethos to us in being kind to our environment, our people and being aware of the impact we cause. In order to partner with us please make sure that you practise at least two of the following values. 


We believe that clothing needs to be worn across a lifetime and passed on to your loved ones, this slow and mindful aspect need not only be by you as a consumer but also through the creation of the pieces. Handcrafted clothing consists of pieces that have got that human touch, whether it’s through the process of turning textile or in the details that make it special.



You wouldn’t want to eat products full of chemicals right? We don’t think you should have to wear them either! Sustainable/organic products are those that have been created without the use of harmful chemicals throughout their value chain, from rain fed cotton to natural dyes there’s many ways that clothing can be sustainable to make it better for you and our environment.



Our impact not only needs to improve on the environment but also for the people that create it, fair products are those that have been created by people who have received living wages, safe working conditions and other basic necessities that make their lives a little easier.



According to the UN’s reports, almost 80% of the clothing we throw out still have an over 70% lifespan and the process of clothing manufacturing can be just as wasteful. Minimal waste products have been created through new ways of up-cycling, recycling or maximising the use of their textiles to prevent off-cut waste. If you’re all about the no-waste life, you know this value is perfect for you.



Many of our brands work closely with communities that create clothing that is based on their traditions, practices and way of life. With India being a melting pot of culture, there is a lot to offer. This value encompasses pieces that have been made by using traditional skills or having elements of their craft in the creation.



Our love for the planet also extends to the lovely creatures that live on it. Labels that uphold this standard are meticulous in using alternatives so no animals or animal by-products are used in making products that follow this value. Shop products from this value and be rest assured that there was no harm done to our little furry friends!