Colorism in India:Reformulating Institutional Conceptions and Rhetoric

Conversations with Small Businesses after Covid-19 

With Fatimah Asghar

Conversation with Fatimah Asghar on the Versatilities of Art

Finding The Art in The Everyday

creation in isolation

The Ambivalences of Fashion

At one end, fashion functions as a medium of creativity, imagination, art, beauty, and expression. At the other end, unconscious practices associated with its pursuit (have) give(n) rise to a myriad of environmental, socio-economic and psychological issues.

With Karuna Ezara Parikh

Conversations on The Profundity of Language & her book The Heart Asks Pleasure First

A Revolution of ‘Self’ and ‘Consciousness’

The objective of a fashion revolution is not only to have designers, industrialists or consumers adopt sustainable and egalitarian practices at the systemic level, but to cause a shift, a revolution, in ‘consciousness’, and consequently, of ‘self’ itself, at the broadest individual level. 

The Paradox of Isolation

Our present conditions have been lending insights into this paradox, where things have taken an inverse relation to each other – attributes through which we have often believed we connect or are connected, we are now separated from, and those through which we have often thought we are separate, we are now connected by.


Slow living is about being fully present through every minute of your day. It is about making the choice to live the life that you would want to lead.

On Ageing

conversations on the art of ageing

Conversations in Colombo Part 1

conversations tracing the beginnings of independence

On Sustainability

the story behind starting our online magazine

Take me to the Sea

Circular adj. "Moving or Occurring in a cycle."

Code Green

To be the change and pass on the gift to others.

On Slow Living

conversations about practising mindful living


"Can clothes emote? Can clothes really tell stories?"